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slash tag (noun) - A type of hash tag that implies a threat.

slash tagging (verb) - The act of applying a hash tag
Billy ended his Facebook rant about who ever stole his iPod by slash tagging #iwillcutyou

Molly was particularly pleased with her party outfit and posted her picture on Facebook with the slash tag #watchoutbitches
#hash tag #threat #beware #twitter #facebook
by Konundrummer February 09, 2013
A slashtag is a form of hashtag that opposes the hashtagging of a phrase that someone else gives.
J: That dinner was awesome
T: I concur. 'twas hashtag sweet
P: (In disagreement with T) Slashtag boring
#hashtag #however #slash-tag #banter #creativity
by Whykemism August 16, 2013
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