A pathetic gay man who makes things up to make friends and lure underage boys.
Watch out for the slake with a six-pack and a joing outside of your junior high, he has a bottle of rufies and a video camera.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
Top Definition
noun; a gratifying or pleasurable turn of events
verb; to gratify or satisfy
That hard-boiled egg burrito sure was a slake, mom!

The television slaked me with Encino Man
by Edmund Unceworthy June 01, 2006
to makeout or satisfy by kissing.
Haven't you ever seen MASH if not you need to get out.

Radar O'Riley got slaked.
by kickin it country April 17, 2011
Someone who is both a slut and a flake. Or, someone who flakes out on you to act out slutty behavior.
"Fuck, Amanda slaked on me again. We had plans and instead she went to bone 3 different dudes."
by juuuuuulia March 20, 2008
Verb - to masturbate and ejaculate on ones couch.
"Dude, you're f'n sick! You just slaked on my new sofa!"
by anonymous12879 July 10, 2008
One who stays frozen in time, fears change. Fence-sitter.
He hasn't made a move because he is a slake.
by D~ January 15, 2004
The opposite of a nap. When you are awake. You sleep and then you wake up and then you go back to sleep. The part when you are awake is a "slake" When you sleep and then wake up to either go workout or write papers and then you go back to sleep.
I took a "slake" today, I had to get up for practice and went to sleep when I got home.
by yeebudddy July 30, 2011
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