Combines the words SLUT, SLAB and FAG. The nastiest, rankest, dankest, crankest, ugliest, sluttiest, fattest, broad imaginable, with the very worst personality you can dream up.

Very similar to Slunt = Slut + Cunt

Whereas a slab of rock refers to a random chunk, a slag might be a random chunk of chick, sometimes but not always desperate for sex, but first and foremost combining the worst physical and mental qualities into a real nasty chunk of bitch.
- See that girl? my apologies to your eyes for pointing her out to you man, but if you smell anything fishy it's cuz that slag walked by within a few hours.

-Yeah, what a fucking slag.
by Jay Miedema October 08, 2007
it is a word that boys or men give to women when they have no better insult for them when women
a. refuse to sleep with them or
b. act like men
c. admit to enjoying sex
women: "sorry love your not my type"

man: "whatever then your a slag"
by Laura and Relly March 16, 2006
A chubby female with rock bottom self esteem that has sexual relations with as many man as possible (regardless of the fact they may be in relationships with her friends) and mistakes the sex for genuine affection.
Guy 1: That Erin Saddler is a slag
Guy 2: I know, so is her mate Vicky Milne
by Slaghater November 08, 2009
Definition: a sloppy fag - either a homosexual who has a very large anus, or just something you call your friends when you're pissed at them.
Origin: New York... and spreading quickly
You EFFIN slag!
I saw john the other day, and i gotta tell ya fellas, this guy is an effin slag.
by JoeyJoeJoeShabadoo November 07, 2005
a slag is someone that will sleep with anyone as long as there getting laid, who cares!
amy, linzy, lisa, tira, jennie, katie, sammie, they r all slags dat sleep wiv a differant boy every nite, and then tell them 2 fuck off!
by sarah davis October 01, 2005
a word you say to be cool on ftj...
I'm going to pretend i use the word slag, then people will like me.
by BobBarker May 09, 2005
Definition: Undesirable runoff
That chick is SLAG! Nothing but slag.
by Doug April 10, 2005

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