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the art of masturbating of hands and just rubbing on anything you can find. while swinging your arms and legs up as if you were free falling.
ah shit my parents caught me skydiving.

Ive been skydiving since I was a baby
by Ropez October 04, 2011
2 7
A suicide-like activity in which a person jumps out of a skyborne plane and releases a parachute in hopes that it will reduce his rate of descent below a bone-crushing threshold before he makes contact with the earth.
Skydiving?? What do you think, I'm fucking crazy??
by Phlagellum September 22, 2003
40 101
A pathetic excuse for people to commit suicide on "accident" and call it a sport.
Guy1: Hey Jason is going skydiving again.
Guy2: I know a lot of Jasons, the last one I knew went skydiving and "forgot" to use his parachute...oh you're messing with me. Screw you!
Guy1: Sit on it and rotate!
by Brillo Pad May 28, 2008
8 91