A cunt that smells like a skunk.
Victim: Dude, I can't get this skunt smell off my fingers.
Friend: You need tomato juice to get that off.
by CaptainSwass December 04, 2012
The mixing of the words "skunk" and "cunt".
The shorthand of calling someone a "dirty cunt" in one word.
Fuck off you skunt!!!
by Alexxsaurr97 February 24, 2014
A combination of the words "cunt" and "skank"
Primarily used to describe a promiscuous figure with ill manners and intentions. A general asshole to be around who will make you feel terrible about yourself with a plethora of insults.

Can also be used to describe a slut because it sounds far more vulgar than any other word for this purpose.
Arash: Hey James, look at that skunt over there, don't you think she should kill herself?
James: Of course she should, look at her, you can smell the fish from over here.

Arash: James, you're so gay.
by Turbanate May 12, 2013
A silly cunt. Someone who is not only stupid, but thinks they are the big I AM. Originates from 2 gods I met in Ibiza who were describing a girl and one said silly one said cunt at the same time. We all looked at each other and realised we had invented a brilliant word. Robin and Dan, I salute you.
That skunt wants beef.

Look at that fucking skunt.
by NorthanMikeUSA November 22, 2012
SKUNT: A descriptive word used to shorten: Skanky Kunt. Skanky Kunt same as: TRASHY PUTRID SL*UT! or can be used to describe that a female has a Stinky Box!
Have a go at all the skunts hanging around Pete, there everywhere, do you think he can breathe?
by RaspberriesNcream September 27, 2012
Girl 1: "Did you see that skank walk in with her thong and tramp stamp hangin out over those things she calls shorts?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, but also over heard that Ho talking shit on her boyfriend Joe. He shouldn't have to put up with that shit. That makes her a skunt!"
by SoxyC August 23, 2012
Formed from the words sketchy and cunt. A skunt is a sketchy bitch. This type of person is usually a crackhead but in some instances this could just be a really riled up cunt.
God did you see that skunt twitching in the corner? Holy shit that skunt looks like she hasn't slept in days. Man, when I drink too much coffee it turns me into a skunt.
by AlphonsoPinaColada March 09, 2012
A cross between a (skank) and a (cunt).
That skunt only goes after married men. What a skunt
by adnoh February 15, 2012

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