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Can be administered with either hand but the act of slapping someone in the back of the head. Depending on the speed of the hand it can also be called a "0-90" (meaning the hand accelerates to 90 mph before striking the back of the head). A perfectly administered "skull pop" will most of the times cause the head to jerk forward.
I was just sitting here minding my own bitnis and Medo came up from behind and skull popped me.

You better get your ass home. Dads pissed and I think he'll be dishing out skull pops like candy.
by Tragic-Genius November 25, 2007
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An online alias.
'Skullpop' is the webmaster of

He updates the website reguarly, and accepts submissions.
.: Last update: 23/12/2xxx by Skullpop :.
by Skullpop October 23, 2004
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a online name unique to Rory/Spike Morris, Sometimes spelt

'' ~$kUL:P()P~ ''
~$kUL:P()P~ joined the CS 1.5 Server

Skullpop Signed in
by Spike/Rory October 07, 2003
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