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Oddly disaffecting dialect from work that I miss...
Sk-Amex sk-sucks my-sk ass-sk.
by Allan February 22, 2004
Stupid, gay, made-up language of a retarded person.
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
yes it definalntly was made by a twat pussy ass other fucker
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
a language made up by sum1 who wanted to make up a language. ok you pussys, tell me you've never made up a word or language b4? yea! thats what i thought! what now?
skdont woorysk katsk isk skgot yoursk backsk
by boowoo November 01, 2003
*has a heart attack*
SK wassk madesk bysk ask twatsk
by Suzuki June 10, 2003
This is actually a language ive invented. Its called skspeak. It involves adding a 'sk' as a prefix or a suffix to any word/name/whatever of your choice. It adds verbal dynamics, I think. Try it out.
I bought a bag of weedsk. I sksmoked it. I got stonedsk.
by Kat May 05, 2003