(verb, transitive) to move something slightly. From the Japanese adjective sukoshi = a small amount, a bit, slightly.
(I first heard it used as a verb in 2000 by an American native-English speaker who hadn't studied Japanese, but had just hung around with Japanese exchange students in the US.)
"Skosh that over just a bit."
"The frame on the wall was crooked so I skoshed it."
by tomkennyjapan February 29, 2008
Top Definition
A small amount of something.

From the Japanese word "sukoshi," pronounced skosh. That also means a little bit.
"I'll have just a skosh of that pie..."
by Athene Airheart March 20, 2004
a little bit.
It was raining a skosh.
by Moldor July 16, 2003
The very smallest unit of fake measure, smaller than both the smidge and the tad.
Hey, Korey, you think you could crack the window a skosh? It smells like ass and country music in here.
by timbo13 December 16, 2008
Can mean "a little bit", but can also mean sketchy or marginal.
Can I have a skosh of cheese?

The weather is kind of skosh.
by amt March 12, 2005
The action of skanking and moshing mixed in to create the ultimate social phenomenon at a ska punk show. Closely related to choreomania.
"Hold my glasses, I'm gonna skosh to Catch 22"
by JCVoltron88 April 11, 2010
A versatile word that is useful in any situation, regardless of context.

Can be used in its formal tense as "a little bit of something" or as a healthy replacement for any obscene expletive contrived by the human race.
"Son of a skosh! I just tripped over that large rock and really skoshed myself up! Ah well, I'll feel a skosh better in the skoshin morning after a couple skoshes of tequila. Then, I'll really feel skoshtastic. Skosh."
by d-marsh July 10, 2004
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