Pride or stakes in a matter, creating sensitivity or vulnerability.
"I don't care what he said about how I played, I don't have any skin in it."
by mmc November 26, 2005
the team wearing no shirt in a game of pickup basketball.
shirts versus skins! let's hussle ladies!
by Sabi August 06, 2004
1) (n) The lips of the vagina.

2) (n) Condom.

3) (n) Rolling papers
1) "She likes to bend over and then she spreads the skins" -- Brand Nubian (Slow down)

2) Ima buy some skins right quick
by ac January 31, 2004
Another word for skinhead, or a sharp
Check the skin, he got a fucking beer belly.
by Anonymous June 15, 2003
a british tv show. also the most amazing show ever made. It's basically about a group of teenagers who do drugs, have lots of sex, and make and break close friendships.

there are 4 different season, with the first seasons being with the same people. Once you see the first episode you're automatically hooked.

Unlike most of these tv shows, skins actually shows the real things that happen to teenagers
kylie: hey did u watch skins last night?
ariel: hell yea!!! it was soooo good. sid finally got with cassie.
by britlover123 April 18, 2010
n. Slang for Skinhead. Member of the working class. Often dressed in combat boots, jeans, bomber jacket. Shaved head. Violent at times.
Did you see that skin at the bar?! I wouldn't wanna mess with him!
by FeudalWarlord January 10, 2006
1. noun. The stuff that decides if rednecks will like you or not
2. noun. Rolling papers
3. noun. A high five
4. noun. Used to describe somebody wearing revealing clothing
5. noun. Used to describe somebody who is in the nude
6. noun. Said when guys discuss how their time with a girl was if their time involved an unclothed woman.
1. "Damn it. My skin is all sunburned!"
2. "Get the skins, homie."
3. "Gimme some skin, dog!" *holds hand up for a high five*
4. "Wow, check that chick out. She sure is showing skin!"
5. "I was minding my own business on my deck yesterday, and some fine piece of ass walked by in the skin!"
6. "Man, you won't believe it. Last night I got skin from Tracy!"
by TangClock May 12, 2009
stoner slang for cigarette rolling papers.
shit theres no fucking skins left!
by i am lord! July 04, 2003
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