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A term used on meet-up sites like Craigslist to denote a person who will bring coke, or possibly tradde coke for favors. A woman looking for coke is a ski bunny. A guy looking for coke can be referred to as a ski bum, but the better definition of that term is someone who always bums coke.
Ski bunny looking for ski instructor. I like mountains with multiple lifts, long lines, and no ski bums.
by iiams October 04, 2005
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Code for a cocaine dealer. Derived from the terms associated with cocaine like "snow" and "lift tickets".
Hey man, call that Ski Instructor and get those lift tickets.
by Favnuts April 25, 2008
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pizza, pizza, french fries, flex your knees, follow me...600 dollars please
just stop by Aspen, CO and pay attention from the lift.
ski instructors available.
by SnowRider April 22, 2006
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