Sexy + Skany = Skexy
I know I'm stank, but I know I'm still skexy."
by Migham June 20, 2007
Top Definition
A kinky, exotic, sexy, or turn on.
Like the word sexy, with more kinkyness to it, and a slang term for all of those pissed off at the fucked up english language, so we make our own words.
I am the most fucking skexy person in the world.
That thing you did with your legs was the most skexiest thing i have ever seen.
My sister is a lesbian and its fucking skexy!
((dude man dude im sorry))
by Aresa Shadow Fontine March 12, 2004
Used to describe someone that is oddly hot. Someone not classically good looking, or someone that looks dangerous. A blend of the words sexy and sketchy.
"Look at that punk rocker over there, he's kinda skexy"

"Call me crazy but I think that homeless person over there is kinda skexy"
by Gary June 15, 2006
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