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Used to describe someone that is oddly hot. Someone not classically good looking, or someone that looks dangerous. A blend of the words sexy and sketchy.
"Look at that punk rocker over there, he's kinda skexy"

"Call me crazy but I think that homeless person over there is kinda skexy"
by Gary June 15, 2006
A kinky, exotic, sexy, or turn on.
Like the word sexy, with more kinkyness to it, and a slang term for all of those pissed off at the fucked up english language, so we make our own words.
I am the most fucking skexy person in the world.
That thing you did with your legs was the most skexiest thing i have ever seen.
My sister is a lesbian and its fucking skexy!
((dude man dude im sorry))
by Aresa Shadow Fontine March 12, 2004
Sexy + Skany = Skexy
I know I'm stank, but I know I'm still skexy."
by Migham June 20, 2007