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What Floris, Chroder, Pyro, Onimua and peterska2 do on a nightly basis
skex and parties on skype
by peterska2 July 25, 2006
25 25
Skype sex
Tom: Dude, I just got had sex with girls in Spain, Germany, and Africa. Dude: Damn, I bet you spent hella money on plane tickets. Tom: No dude , I had Skex.
by Webcam man May 20, 2010
19 6
Derived from the words Skype and Sex and the fact that many participants make it orgy-like -- skex is a metaphor for a Skype conference.
<peterska2> Chroder, Onimua, Floris -- ready to skex?
by Skex Lover July 25, 2006
29 18
To make sexual suggestions, actions, or gestures over Skype.

A combination of Skype and Sex. Almost like a Sext, but over video chat.
Lisa's mom thought Skype was a good idea for long distance video calls, until she caught Lisa skexting with her boyfriend.
by avid skexter July 22, 2010
10 3
The act of engaging in sexual activities via Skype thus Skexing comes into play.
I was skexing this nasty girl over skype and she pulled down her panties and revealed a large bush.
by NastaayMaan May 23, 2013
3 0
sex over skype
dude me and these two college girls were having skex last night.
by capernacus big dick willy IV June 18, 2010
8 5
1. of or having to do with sketchy sex

2. appearing to possess sexually sketchy qualities
There's so much skex going on, you don't even know.
by Megan October 24, 2004
21 19