When someone lands a trick on a skateboard awkardly or landing a trick in ruff terain.
Fuck that kickflip was sketchy

Man the stairs look sketchy
by mac me you filthy bitch July 27, 2009
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(ADJ.) Used to describe a questionable/uneasy vibe given off by a person, place, or thing.

Often used to describe something not seeming to fall quite into place, often causing discomfort and/or confusion.
1) "Did you see that guy had a pistol in his back pocket? It was kind of sketchy."

2) The area with a dead bodies on the ground would most likely be considered sketchy

3) "Did You See That Woman Walking Into The Bed Bath & Beyond With A Ski Mask On & Rope?"
"Yeah, It Was Pretty Sketchy."
by President of JMV Mom Fan Club November 30, 2013
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Used to describe a place that is shady, iffy or just generally makes one feel unsafe.

The word was created by a passer-by to describe Vancouver's shady east side and grew like wildfire across the nations.
Going into a poor area that doesn't feel safe is sketchy.
Not down with this guy he is super sketchy.
by TrueSketch June 01, 2009
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A person who is lurking from a distance. To make things awkward by disappearing randomly and randomly showing up. Usually scaring people when returning from sketching off. Often the friend in a group who's just kinda around. Mostly the third wheel in a group. Can also be a couple who don't want to be watched while hooking up
"Clay keeps disappearing, and then showing up randomly"-Wesely
"He's just being sketchy as usual"-Ty

"Okay now where the hell did Thomas go"-Nick
"I don't know man, he and Mary just sketched off somewhere"-Scott
by JShepard9 February 20, 2010
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by SOOFS October 04, 2008
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Used in snowboarding and skiiing to describe an unsafe/unpredictable/hazzardous park, urban or backcountry feature.

Also used in both sports to describe a peice of terrain/snow pack that is considered unpredictable and likely to avalanche.
" the transition on that kicker was super sketchy but buddy managed to stomp the landing anyway."

"We made a couple of turns but the snow was really sketchy and could easily have avalanched...so we got the hell outta there."
by shrdnleprachaun November 12, 2009
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doing or seeing or accepting something that is borderline perverted
When Tato took Jackson's latin homework to give to me because she knows I stalk him, I felt sketchy
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