Any weird kid who you've known for a long time but you realize you don't know at all.

Anyone odd enough to wear fur an obnoxious glasses.

A social meep.
She: hahahahaha
She: he's so sketchy, sketchy greg
She: he always seems like he's being fake
xT: Yeah I can't imagine him being real
She: hahahaa I wonder who he is, really
by Meepymeep March 22, 2006
Top Definition
Greg, also known as "Sketchy Greg", "Sketch", "Sketchy McGreggor", and "Sketch pad".
I just bought some white smilies off of Sketchy Greg and I'm flyin' high tonight boys.

Yeah, Sketchy Greg fucked off today and didn't bring my $700 over.
by emdashed April 02, 2004
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