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skelton is a town situated in the north-east of england, known as the home of chavs.
you must be very brave to step foot in skelton if you are wearing any sort of emo/mosher/scene clothing, as chances are you'll probably get brayed and die.
13 - 16 year old teenagers wander around the streets of skelton drinking their famous white lightning cider and lambrini bought by their 28 year old boyfriends who have already had unprotected sex with them countless amounts of times causing them to become pregnant and catch STI's.
people who live in skelton talk in a proper common way, and never pronounce the end of their words properly.
teenager chav
- "i swear down, if you do tha' one more timeim gonna proper smack ya one and set the skelton possy on you".
- "wha' the fuck are you lookin' at you ya daft slag. do ya wanna black eye or summit!? ya fuckin' come down ere thinking your it when really yourr just some posh cunt who thinks you can do wha' ever you want, well think again you twat. i'd bail now if i were you or your going to get brayed".
by katie tweddle December 31, 2006
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A pretty place in the north - east of england were my boyfriend lives :D
because i'm not a chav
and i havent been beaten up when i've gone there
"you can come to skelton tonight if you want babe"
by Nicolarrr March 05, 2007
A facial disfigurement or grotesque look someone has on any day.
Yo, I woke up this morning and my face was lookin' skelton.
by Brad Patria February 25, 2009

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