When you get a wee piece of wood stuck in you hand that just won't budge. It is that fucking irratating that you end up chewing your hand off!
Another term fora splinter except a skelf is 10 times worse!
by Scottish Kaz October 20, 2003
Top Definition
Scottish slang for a wood splinter
"ouch! I got a skelf in me finger"
by Paul October 10, 2003
1. One who can act normal and live an everyday life, but loaths it and can easily change personalities.

2. One who creates illusions to convice the common folk
Susan: Hi Tom! You look happy today!
Tom: Yeah I "look" happy...

Susan: What is that suppose to mean?
Tom: My girlfriend dumped me, Im all broken inside. But Im gonna act like I'm on top of the world to make her life miserable!
Susan: {blank expression}
Tom: Yeah, I know. I'm a Skelf.
by DarkenArtist June 12, 2009
v: Originally a combination of "Skoal" and "shelf" (as in to "bottom shelf"), this is the act of placing a wad of chewing tobacco or dip in one's mouth.
n: The wad of smokeless tobacco itself.
v: I'm skelfing to get a pick me up.
n: When I'm drinking I have to thow a skelf in.
by Jack Verella June 20, 2006
A Skelf is a Skeletonized Elf.

Cute, but deadly.
Oh shit, there's a skelf, we better get a ninja to kill him.
by Mammothman May 27, 2007
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