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a ho, slut, any girl who sleeps around and got a pussy wit teeth. also known as a hoochie wit an ichy coochie
dat girl dresses like a skeetskeet.
by new york city's one and only chino February 27, 2006
18 56
jizz, ejaculate, spooge, cum, to blow one's load, get rid of the baby batter,or otherwise squirt seminal fluid from the penis.
Dude, I totally skeeted in her hair!
by SkeetMan John April 28, 2004
2113 466
I wanted to skeet skeet up in that broad cause I ain't seen her in a minute.
by CrazySexyCoo697akaQueenLaura August 03, 2005
752 411
cum on a girls face
im rick james biatch! skeet skeet!
by lauryn n j mad April 02, 2004
878 613
1. To blow one's load. 2. To release seminal fluids from the male reproductive organ.
Roe skeet skeeted all over senora's face.
by Hates School March 21, 2005
508 337
when one ejaculates on another's tummy or belly area
we all skeet skeet motherfucker!
by anthony November 16, 2003
825 667
Letting one's Population paste fly in and indiscriminate manner. Typically over your hoe's Pussy Tits and face or ass.
The Term is derived from the popular redneck pastime SKEET SHOOTING/CLAY PIGEON SHOOTING The aim - shooting in the general direction of multiple targets repeatedly.
"Man she had me so worked up I slipped it and Skeet Skeeted both her titties and her bush!"
by Squidgeon September 02, 2007
256 167
to bust a nut in ones face
Skeet Skeet all over your face
by Askeetskeet May 18, 2005
297 234