A disgusting bitch that will fuck anything and everything. She is usually that cunt at college parties eye fucking the shit outta everyone.
Yo man, you see that hot ass girl eyein me?

Dude, you dont want that....shes easily a skeeter valentine
by Chester McGlockton April 15, 2008
Top Definition
1. The best friend of Doug Funny on the popular kids cartoon.

2. When a man jizzes all over his girlfriend's chocolates and roses before presenting them to her on Valentine's Day.
Who the hell has the name "Doug Funny" and a best friend named "Skeeter Valentine"?

Jill: "So what did Dave get you for Valentine's day?!"
Karen: "Well, you know he's quite the charmer. He gave me a classic Skeeter Valentine."
by alexander devlin September 27, 2009
originating from a doug character and a dirty minded teen.
to skeet in her box of chocolates, given on valentine's day

poor skeeter
she didn't realize i skeeter valentine.
by daphne featherdew April 24, 2005
Do not Google him. - Code name for things not to google at school.
Penis is a total Skeeter Valentine
by SethIsGod October 06, 2010
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