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When one shits on the seat of a (usually but not always public) toilet. Comes from a combination of the word Kanga with the word seat.
Let's hit up the buffalo and skay

Do you got a skay in ya?

Man i did the pro'est skay at that ugly chicks party last night
by Huh-tsard Altigee January 29, 2008
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Shortened version of its okay.
'Hey, thanks for helping out with my homework last night' said Jim. 's'kay Jim.' said bob
by Random Girl 360 October 16, 2010
Skay is a combination of the words Skanky (meaning infested with STI's/STD's) and Gay (Homosexual) usually used to describe someone that you really hate.
"Wow that guy is really Skay!"
by Dannleh October 21, 2009
To sketch out or to leave.
Past Tense: Skayed
Hey man lets skay, this party is getting old.
Last night I skayed pretty badly, it must have been the 'cigarettes'.
by EssPea January 17, 2005
Stupid and gay combined.
Wow, that movie was skay.
by hmm .. February 18, 2005

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