out of your norm
When you've been stuck somewhere overnight without your personal items, clean clothes and have to continue the next day the same as the day before you feel "skankalicious"
#skanky #outa sorts #blah #uncomfortable #nasty
by PrincessMiMi February 03, 2011
an on the spot judgement system based soley on a womans apperance and behaivor, commonly used on a 1-100 scale, the higher the number the skankier the women appears to be.
Russ- Hey look at this chick over there...
Mani- Man she looks like skankalicious number 78!!!!
#skank #judgement #whore #babe #chick
by Mani, Bryan, Russ December 15, 2008
a good looking whore
Damn,that Britney Spears is very skankalicious, look at what she wears and how she moves.
by R2 September 23, 2003
- A skank who is very delicious.
- Jackie and Katelyn are skankalicous
- Jackie is the head skank
- Wow ! look at her how skankalicious
- Baby you are so skankalicious
- look at the way jackie works it, she's so skankalicious
#jackie #katelyn #skank #delicious #skankbank
by Katelyn ( Kerr ) May 26, 2008
when one female hates on another, calling her a hoe or a skankbecauses she knows that that hoe or skank is lookin better than her.
Damn that bitch is skankalicious
by Baby girl 07 March 23, 2005
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