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1. Brooklyn James.
2. A nasty, whorish bitch that can run her mouth for hours, but will never make a move to hit you.
Oh god, what is that smell?
Oh don't worry, it's just a skankfish. You might wanna shield your eyes, I think it's coming around the corner.
by Alexandria Robinson October 02, 2011
Everyone says "theres always fish in the sea." and while this is true I have found woman and men have the ability to be Smitten over someone one week and then telling everyone how in love they are with their new gf or bf. The worest fish in the sea... to catch....Succubus, heart breaking horrible excuse for a soul mate... SKANK FISH
"I can't get back together with my ex because shes a skank fish."
by MamaChaos August 22, 2012
when your a freshman skank
student 1: that chicks a slut; isnt she a freshman

Student:yeah she is a total skank-fish
by marty mcfly-er November 04, 2010
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