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The unmistakable odor eminating from a ho, usually in a club. Its a mixture of JLo or Britney Spears perfume (used in lieu of deodorant), Cover Girl "brick red" lipstick, the lingering scent of CoolWater or Burberry Cologne-- picked up while she was grinding her thong covered ass up and down the crotch of multiple, filthy club rats who sprayed their groins with that shit instead of showering--, and as a final, classy touch, remnants of the last "blow job shot" she splattered across the front of her dress while trying to impress the boys.
Skank Stank bitches should be avoided at all costs, as an encounter usually leads to a trip to the free clinic for antibiotics, or financing offers from abortionists.
You are covered in skank stank. You better run by the clinic for a shot on your way to get your pants dry cleaned
by BigBankBern November 03, 2010
The scent of a unkempt, unmaintained, and overused chick's lady parts.
Dude 1 : hey, you hook up with that chick last night?
Dude 2 : No man, her poonany had some wicked skank stank
Dude 1 : Aw, that'ssssss nassssssty
by Jeff Spangler April 12, 2008
The odor that accumulates on a girl after 2-3 consecutive days of partying without access to a shower.
Kristy's skank stank was particularly strong after spending most of spring break at parties and clubs.
by 56k February 21, 2011
Grody, post-sexual encounter stench comprised of sweat, alcohol, smeared makeup and shame.

Foul odor resulting from excessive secretion of bodily fluids after one too many romps in the sack.
In the club last night this grody chick started grinding on me, but I had to leave because she had major skank stank.
by The Woman in White February 09, 2012

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