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Multiple females with morals that are very close to a males morals (see slut), said females join together in a group whos sexual values are so low that a member of the group would pray on a member of the male section of the human species after the male just (as in four days ago) broke up with his girlfriend to whom he had been going out for one year two months fourteen days and three point five seven hours. To say the least, they are worth less then the scum off the ass of society, yet almost every guy would trade a left nut to have sex with a member of the skank squad.
The requested example was Sarah H is a member of the skank squad, example requested by shelby
Not the bad kind, but the good kind that likes to drink and party.
Look who just walked in the door! It's the skank squad! Looks like tonight is going to be a blast.
by Skanksquadleader February 07, 2011