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A conjunction kreated by Dr Krispin, meaning "sick son". Saves the typer a couple of valuable nanoseconds, like other conjunctions. This has power and makes the user feel unvincible. Unfortunately, people don't know you are speaking it, unless you say "Sixon with an EKS". Have a great day!
Example 1

guy1: Who's that smokin hott girl there??

guy2: I don't know, but her body is sixon!

Ex 2

Fan 1: Listen to Gangstarr's new joint

Fan 2: Woa that track is SIXON!

Ex 3

Person 1: Why are you red and coughing, you tokin??

Person 2: No silly, get me some tea cause I'm Sixon
by KokoKrizpz June 04, 2009
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