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A driving contest in which participants must chug an entire 6-pack of beer, then immediately race their car/truck to a certain location and back. This is often done by drunken hill-billies late at night.. and sometimes recorded on video to share with others.

To turn it up a notch, try the six-pack challenge in rain or snow.
John: Damn, I hit some guy's mailbox while doing the six pack challenge tonight. My Camaro is fucked up!
by dee-rock October 23, 2007
Consuming six beers within 15 minutes without vomiting during 30 minutes starting at the beginning if the attempt.

Rules: no shotgun or beer bongs allowed. you must drink straight out of the can or bottle. once completing you are considered a man. try and beware. Taunting, teasing, and verbal abuse is all acceptable to attempt to make the competitor to fail.

Founded by barry, tommy and taylor.
Fuck man i just did the six pack challenge wobbly h a bitch with my hommie and im FUCKED UP
by Barry Blue March 30, 2006
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