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Army-speak. Short for "Situation Report". Given by a high ranking officer that claims he/she wants to either fil a situation report or wants one filed by a subserviant officer.
Office: Private, what's your sitrep?
Private: I've been shot in the privates!
by H.T.J April 07, 2005
Situational report. Also it could mean what are you doing or where are you.
"I need a SITREP of our truck that fell off the cliff"
by du knodc May 28, 2006
Situation Report. Used commonly during radio transmissions or situations requiring shortened sentences, such as during a battle.
"Whiskey 4, this is Charlie 1; What's your sit-rep, over?"
"Charlie 1, this is Whiskey 4; situation is nominal. Over."
by Richard Arthat July 13, 2007
Short for situation-report. That is, explaining the situation in regards to any particular matter.
What is the sit-rep with that chick?
by Rob112 March 10, 2008