1.)A really hot guy, one whom many whom wish they go to bed with.

2.) A caucasian male whom is often mistaken for being of some asian background by his name.

3.) Gay-basher
Girl: Have you seen that Sinjin, holy shit he's a looker.

Girl2: Is he asian or something what the hell kind of name is that?
by Jerry Quizzle July 09, 2009
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Really cool dood. Great gamer! Loves to help out when he can. Often will be seen with a {rf} in front of his name.
Many wish they could be like siNJin!
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
A great guy who loves giving dirty dolphins to guys named kevin
"Hey yo look at dat sinjin"
by thehaymaker October 22, 2013
A person or pussy who refuses to partake in the smoking of marijuana.
Wanna smoke? No thank you, I uhh have to go home. Cmon don't be a sinjin
by dirkdigglr January 03, 2014

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