Being sincere and serious.
I need to get laid sinceriously.
by Francis Craven March 05, 2005
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1. The ability to speak freely, openly and honestly about anything; if you're going to say something, say it sinceriously.

2. To initiate any action while spreading as much good karma as possible.
When I say this I say it sinceriously.

I'm going to sinceriously raise as much money for charity as possible.
by Gingey87 January 17, 2015
When one is sincere and serious at the same time.
"I sinceriously think that it's time for us to sleep together".
by C.J.Superstar July 21, 2011
The common act of being equally sincere and serious, simultaneously.
I sinceriously hated that bitch in that flick.
by MJH-Dawg February 28, 2008
The state of being incredibly sincere and serious at simultaneous intervals within the Space-Time Continuum.
Mom: "Son, we need to talk about your cat's inane behavior in relationship to the proximity of the toaster."

You: "But mom, the cat understand that data does not weight."

Dad: "The Red Army could benefit from such a young, youthful mind in it's ranks!"

Cat: "Sinceriously, I wonder what the fuck is wrong with you people."
by Hnnng Check 'Em June 12, 2011
Sincere and seriously smooshed together.
I'm sinceriously sorry about what happend after the break up
by Turboflamas May 29, 2010
the merge of seriously and sincere.
i like your sweaty palms. sinceriously, i do.
by jenny h April 13, 2005

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