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A badass japanese death/heavy metal band. They started in Niigata, Japan. They have been touring here and there, and are becoming more popular (in Japan at least). Their live shows are supposed to be very active and crazy.

They have released two albums at this point: "Gaula" and "unfair".

The band consists of Sugawara Kouta (vocals), Satoshi Tomokazu (guitar), Akira Ryo (guitar), Takahiro (bass), and Hiroshi Hiroki (drums).
Person 1: "So, I was just searching for random jrock bands on myspace, and I found this awesome band that's called since1998."

Person 2: -listens to them- "Holy shit, they're amazing!"

Person 1: "I know. Metal at it's very core."
by deadxtree April 03, 2007

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