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Wants money and nice things but pretends that it dosnt matter...will date non rich guys because they know they can make them work hard and earn them money....Very hard to pick out of all the groups until its too late....
Dat bitch broke my heart and took me fo my money...Man fuck dat silver digger....
by Big J. December 12, 2006
A baby gold digger who does not know how to get big money. She usually deals with highly paid blue collar workers and middle-class males before she can scam the big boys. Most great Gold Diggers need to be Silver Diggers before moving up to ballers and whale sugar daddies.
Latoya is getting money out of Garbagemen and Butchers before moving up to the big boys. She is a classic Silver Digger!
by DonaDiabla January 21, 2015
One step below a gold digger. Usually a female that fails to marry the richest ballers and instead settles with a well off, less attractive middle class man. Typically they never earn much money themselves and just enjoy the perks of living with an intelligent and financially successful man. They have affairs and eventually divorce whilst taking all her husband's assets and moves on to the next fool.
Steven: I caught my wife cheating now she's lying to the court and I'm being forced to sell my home and split my money with her.
Peter: f*cking Silver Digger
Harold: Oh you poor shmuck! Should have made her sign a pre-nuptial agreement.
by globaldefinitions February 22, 2015
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