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silent cry is a phenomenom mostly seen in small children, usually under the age of 6. It is the cry that is evoked by a child when they are in such extreme pain or agony (perhaps older sibling took a toy away) that they are screaming or crying so loud that it appears that nothing is coming out when in fact it is really so f'in loud it can not be heard by the adult ear. Occasionaly, a silent cry can be exhibited in an adult, which is hilarious. In the adult case it is usually brought about again by extreme pain, but not what you would expect. It is not a serious injury that causes, not life threatening, not to a major limb. No, in fact it usually involves fingers or toes being slammed in a door or stubbed on a hard object, a paper cut has even been known to draw the silent cry.
Jackson to Kurt: Dude, boss is still looking for that Mitchel report he asked for a week ago. If it's not in my hands tomorrow morning I will bitchslap you so hard you will be silent crying for a fucking week ... a fucking week!!!
Kurt: Sorry, man I'm on it.
by the last great nobody July 02, 2009
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