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The second largest fraternity in the nation. Based on friendship, justice, and learning. Guys who don't sweat it when people take time out of their day to be hateful on urban dictionary.
Sigma Chi 1: Hey did you see what those people said on urban dictionary about us?

Sigma Chi 2: Yea. Hate hate hate.

Sigma Chi 1: In hocs all around.
by Tommy Cowan Bell August 28, 2006
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Sigma Chi (ΣΧ) is one of the largest and oldest all-male, college, Greek-letter social fraternities. Sigma Chi was founded on June 28, 1855 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio when members split from Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sigma Chi has seven founding members: Benjamin Piatt Runkle, Thomas Cowan Bell, William Lewis Lockwood, Isaac M. Jordan, Daniel William Cooper, Franklin Howard Scobey, and James Parks Caldwell. Sigma Chi is a part of the Miami Triad, along with Beta Theta Pi and Phi Delta Theta.
The fraternity's official colors are blue and old gold, and its badge is a white cross with emblems on each of its arms: crossed keys on the upper arm, an eagle's head on the right arm, seven gold stars and a pair of clasped hands on the lower arm, and a scroll on the left arm. In the center of the cross, on a black background, are the gold symbols for the Greek letters Sigma (Σ) and Chi (Χ). The left and right arms are connected to the upper arm by gold chains.
Sigma Chi's purpose is to promote the concepts of Friendship, Justice, and Learning; its mission statement is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community. Sigma Chi's vision statement is "to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization—aligned, focused and living our core values".
On June 13, 2005, Sigma Chi was the first Greek-letter society to be honored by the United States Congress for the fraternity's 150th anniversary.1
Sigma Chi is an International Fraternity with over 150 years of History and Tradition.
by James Parks Caldwell June 03, 2009
sigma chi is the shit. anywhere across the country from USC to rochester, this frat has the coolest kids on campus. they arent pussies like DU or fags like DKE
freshman girl: hey, so which frat has the cutest guys
sorority girl: sigma chi by far. at any college in the country you should always go for sig chis.
freshman girl: yh and i heard they smoke the best pot
sorority girl: girl...u dont even know
by natasha stevenson May 21, 2008
The dopest frat on campus. Fuck with any and every sorority and do it well. One of the hardest processes on my campus, the Sigma Chi brothers get there shit done. Based on brotherhood and unity, together they run shit. At my school, WVU they party as hard as anyone can fuckin party and with every sorority on campus. dont be surprised to see a sig fucking your girlfriend, or your mother. that hot girl in the back of your class? she fucking with a sig. not to be associated with other faggot ass fraternities, the sigs fuckin run shit
you wanna hit up those dgs? other guy: they all just went up to sigma chi. i think they ran through every brother...
by Tempe124 November 04, 2010
To be raped anally by any object.
Also used metaphorically.
I was sigma chi'ed by the stripper's vibrator.
That test just sigma chi'ed me.
by A. Wolf-Farmhouse May 07, 2009
Sigma Chi is the fraternity that represents the coolest guys on campus. Made up of every token ethnic guy on your college campus. Best Friends with the Chi Omega's. Best reputation.
The Sigs are amazing guys with all the right moves.
by Trina May April 06, 2005
Sigma Chi is a national t-shirt club recognized by many colleges, one highlighted here is Clarkson University. This doesn't speak for every chapter, but the one at Clarkson is sincerely pathetic. Honestly, you couldn't have to do any less to get letters. It is known to be true amongst Clarkson students that at least 51% of the house's population is homosexual, a staggering 43% more homosexuals than the Phi Mu Alpha fraternity (recognized by the Crane School of Music). Of the 10% of Clarkson's ethnic population, 9.87% (only the basketball players are not included in this figure) are brothers of the Sigma Chi fraternity. It is obvious that Sigma Chi likes black limp dick (no offense though, really). The few pretty interesting women at Clarkson wouldn't even think of hooking up with a Sigma Chi brother... let alone a Potsdam chick. It's just a shame that fraternities like this exist.
Sigma Chi likes it in the ass.
by ahhhhhh realmonsters October 25, 2010

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