Fraternity founded on the principal that anyone can join. Has the largest membership due to the fact that in order to wear letters, you just have to pay for them. They have no pledge/associate period which is usually used to develop individuals and select good men from people who will not match well with the fraternity, rather they use levels of membership similar to scientology where you pay your membership fees, and take tests that see if you are ready for the next level. Usually has a core membership that functions similar to a real fraternity, with a large % of their members not doing shit. this causes frustration within the individual chapters, but no one wants to say "hay, maybe we should be more selective in our recruitment and not let lazy asses join just for their money" because they all know that is the only reason that they have the largest membership nation wide (with the smallest# of active members nationwide).
Wes got drunk and woke up with Sigma phi Epsilon letters on, evidently he joined. He is still at level 1 because he doesn’t want to do shit for a fraternity that he doesn’t have to work to get into.
by tom 2 December 16, 2006
Top Definition
A fraternity founded, in 1901, on the principles of Virtue, Dilligence, and Brotherly Love. Has recruited more members in the past 20 years than any other college fraternity, and is currently the largest national fraternity with over 14,000 members. Though all fraternities vary from chapter to chapter, SigEp is generally known for relaxed, competent members that enjoy the occasional (or sometimes more than occasional) game of beruit.
"Hey, let's chill at the SigEp house tonight. There's always something to do there."
"Yeah, I've heard the guys there are pretty cool. Let's go."
by SigEp August 05, 2005
A fraternity based upon everything that other fraternities would love to be. Obviously people are jealous of not being a Sig Ep seeing their arguments against us are completely full of nonsense. Also, we are the largest fraternity in terms of undergraduate retention. Were kind of a big deal. Virtue, Dilligence, and Brotherly Love (VDBL)
Ashton- Formal recruitments coming up soon.. any ideas on what fraternity you want to join?

Gabe- Hell yeah, Sig Ep. They are the largest and coolest fraternity ever.

Ashton- True true. Why not join the best right!

Sigma Phi Epsilon- Representing large since 1901.
by Holston July 15, 2008
A fraternity founded in 1901 on the principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. This fraternity is currently the largest fraternity in the United States, and will always be because it is Not a piece of shit like so many other fraternities. Obviously some people are sad complaining bitches who make up complete bullshit arguments against Sig Ep. They are just sad that their fraternities are such crap in comparison. Sig Ep is a big deal, where as they are not. This is an Amazing fraternity.
Natalie- "Hey whats up?"

Alex- "I just joined a fraternity!"

Natalie- "WAIT, which one?"

Alex- "Sigma Phi Epsilon"

Natalie- "WHAT Sig Ep?! They're my favorite, I love those guys! Great choice!"

Alex- "Yeah i thought so"
by jingbong April 17, 2011
A large, national college fraternity. It was founded on three principles: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. Like most large fraternities, quality of membership varies from chapter to chapter.
The Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia enjoys hazing via the elephant walk and a variant of ookie cookie which employs pizza.
by The Eagles Suck November 20, 2006
Largest douchebags ever. They think that they're all hot shit but they ain't. In fact, they don't do shit, except each each other's own shit. Quality frat boy bonding right there. I haven't met a single Sig Ep guy yet who possesses the high standards of decency and mannerisms that they hold themselves to. Realistically, if you're rich parents can write off a check, you're in.
Girl 1: Ugh! He was such a douchebag!

Girl 2: Wait, you mean a Sigma Phi Epsilon?

Girl 1: Yeah, that's what I meant! I just cannot even bear to say their name aloud.
by nofratshere March 17, 2011
The biggest douche frat on any campus. They are known as a ruffie distribution center. Girls hate their parties because they are in constant fear of being raped. They are good at two things, letting everyone who has a pulse join and being douches.
Guy A: Sigma Phi Epsilon put a bid on me!
Greek A: Oh how many people in your pledge class?
Guy A: 45
Greek A: Oh, good luck with Sigma Phi Everyone.
by HereGreekyGreek October 04, 2010
a fraternity founded on the principal of having gelled hair two earring and teh same hollister/ambercrombie and fitch shirt
commonly refered to as sigma phi everyone
"wow, the sig ep's take anyone"
by bubba ray May 10, 2005
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