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a person with a passion for tamagochi monsters, usualy of the chicken breed but on exception may be dinosaur.
in her main time struts the school with fake nails fake eyelashes and make up.
in her spair time pushes fat wedged in americans down flume shape tubes.

''have you seen my chicken? my homework needs done.''
1. do u know that girl siew wei
2. no, i said hello but she put on some shades and told me no to talk to her
by siewweilover March 21, 2009
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a crispy duck with sea weed as garnish
can only be served to men with high incomes
1. man: can i order the siew wei please
2. waiter: is your american express black?
1. man 1: no
by siewweilover March 21, 2009

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