(Pronounced Sid-knee)
A beautiful woman. Smart, sexy, classy, completely NOT a whore. Has a great personality. Is charming, witty, goofy, girly but with a guy-ish sense of humor.
To call someone a Sidonie is a compliment in every way.
Usually has caramel skin, long hair and a thick ass.
Guy #1: So, I met this girl the other day. She was a total Sidonie.
Guy #2: SHIT! Hop on that before she gets away, man.
by Smiley217 March 17, 2010
Top Definition
1.)A sexy,beautiful,enchanting,mesmorizing,most intelligent,stop you dead in your tracks,damn it I love you girl, pull over let me talk to you sexy sexy,also... ANY AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS UNIVERSE IN WHICH IS JUST FABULOUS,AND DOWN RIGHT AMAZING woman.
2.)A chocolate loving goddess.
1.)DAMN!!!!! Did you just see Sidonie walk pass?
2.)DAMN,DAMN,DAMN!!! There she goes again!!
3.)Sidonie you are lookin mighty fine today, but then again you always do.
4.)Hello Sidonie how are you doing?
5.)Hey guess what I just saw Sidonie today and I can't wait to see her again.
by sexy sexy January 22, 2004
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