cross between sick, and wicked. completely above and beyond both however. for example, something totally awesome could be described as "siiiiiiiick" or, if you lived in the early 90's, "wicked!" whereas the most totally maxzed-out PHat kickin rad fetchn' biznus crank poppin and slammin thang eva, would be....sickid.
Person 1: 'hey, i heard you won a billion dollars and an island full of naked women?'
Person 2: 'yeh'
Person 1: 'siiiiiick. but i just did everything cool'
Person 2: 'sickid'
Person 3: 'word'
by dubb J June 05, 2005
Top Definition
Sick + Wicked = SICKID!
not sicked, because the ed on that sounds like sickd instead of the "id" sound. anyway this word really rocks, and i made it up. i had no idea of the word on here "sicked" before i came on here also. so it isn't a copy!
*Ed vaults over the bench
*WOW that was sickid mate
by Bruceh June 06, 2005
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