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A man who relies on his ability to seem sensitive and cry on demand to get laid.
by TROG September 25, 2003
2 18

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What Ren called Stimpy when he was angry at him sometimes, can also be used when someone does something sneaky or disgusting.
I can't believe you tried to steal that from me!!

...You sick little monkey!!!
by M. Dogg August 23, 2006
44 6
A very disturbed, and or deranged person. Normally they babble, or speak in tongues/pig-latin
Wow, that hobo is on sick little monkey!
by captain wiggly January 24, 2004
4 13
a fat scottish twat that balls his eyes out at the drop of a hat, pathetically snivelling to himself , in the hope that someone will feel sorry for him and maybe shag him out of sympathy
that sick little monkey is beefing again.
by itsme September 26, 2003
3 20
kind and sensitive scottish bloke who deservedly gets loads more shags then dan. Broke my heart when he maet Rachel.
by anonymous October 09, 2003
1 19