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Something so throughly drenched epic sauce it surpasses sickosity and nastiness pauses briefly on sick nasty and explodes in the uncharted regions of sick double nasty. One guy said he saw something that was sick TRIPLE nasty, but we're pretty sure he made it up because that guy (Steve), (you fucker), is a dirty fucking liar who lies all the time. No you did not see Brad Pitt buying a slushie, Steve, and even if you did we wouldn't like you any more than how much we hate you stupid guts now.
Philip: Have you see Jerry Hsu's part in Back of Suck yet? Sick double nasty. No other way to describe it.

Steve: One time I met him at The Source by Circuit City when I was buying a Wii wheel with my dad!

Philip: Steve, I...you...fuck you Steve. I'm really sick of the things you say.
by smellsone August 29, 2008

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