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Latin, translation: "Thus always to tyrants", purportedly (but unlikely) uttered by Brutus at the assassination of Julius Caesar. The phrase is meant to signify that tyrants will always be overthrown and removed from power.

The other person who defined this just got it flat out wrong. Didn't think people could be that stupid.
Sic semper tyrannis.
#sic #semper #tyrannis #thus #always #to #tyrants
by AtheismoTheGreat July 07, 2015
"Thus always to tyrants" or "Thus ever it be with tyrants." This infers that tyrants will always be on top, in spite tyranny's clash with societal ethics.

According to Wikipedia, these were Julius Cesar's last words before dieing from 23 stabbings. He was assassinated by a group of senators. Sources also say that his last words were actually "Et tu, Brute?" meaning "Even You Brutus?" Marcus Junius Brutus was a very close friend to Cesar and had a hand in his murder.
Julius Cesar dies and says "sic semper tyrannis."
#tyrannis - greek for absolutle rule #tyrant #dictator #oppressor #authoritarian #totalitarian
by Kwaku October 19, 2007
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