One who is aweome, handsome, and is sometimes referred to as a "muffin butt". A Shyler is an itelligent, unique individual who is muched loved by friends and good people, though often harrassed by non muffin butts who are jealous of Shyler's amazingness.
Did you see that guy with the sexy pants? Yeah, that was Shyler. Wow, such a cute muffin butt
by Legomancer November 06, 2010
Top Definition
someone whos hot and sexy and someone who is not affraid to be themselves
its also someone who is good at things that matter such as sports and other things she's amazing in bed and has a great personality
"damn i wish my bitch was a shyler
by alexis R. January 23, 2007
A weiner-boy.

Even his dad would refer to him as such.

Kind of a douche. (please see "douche" to fully understand definition)
Man, Clay Aiken is such a shyler.
by I don't like Shyler December 11, 2008
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