A contraction for "Shut up."
Shu'up or I'll kill you.
by Lauren01 August 13, 2006
Top Definition
shutup without the "t" it is still gramatically correct, coz i say it is, and therefore does not need the apostraphe
hey u! shuup! lol no really i mean it
by Kate__ July 30, 2006
faster/better way of saying "shut up"
Girl pointing to other girls boyfriend: He looks like a fuckin chicken when he runs.

Girl with the boyfriend: Shu up!
by beky June 01, 2006
A contraction of the words "shut" and "up." Pronounced "Shuh-up!" Usually said by short chubby women or especially bitchy people.
"Nuh-uh boi, you can't say dat!"
"But I wasn't saying any-"
by Kyothine April 22, 2009
Shortened version of Shut up, in the less formal diction.
Originating from a converstion between mikey and dan (biggest legends this side of watford!:D
Why dont u just shuup?!
by Tom De Quincey May 28, 2005
The conjunction of "shut up". Usually done when spoken to fast or excitedly.
Shu'up, Rachel!!!
by Tyle-er September 16, 2010
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