Main term is to cease talking. Other is a saying people (mainly girls) will say when in disbelief.
1: "Shut up and stop talking you freak!"
2: "You met Sean De Paul in Indy? SHUT up!!"
by Shina August 30, 2006
shut the fuck up
shut up
by STEVEN June 19, 2003
it means shut ya cake hole and leave me alone stupid! have a nice day
shut-up and lets get on with p.e. stupid!
by lakisha & lashawn October 04, 2003
1) a rude or harsh way of telling somebody to be quiet

2) an expression of disbelief
you don't know what you're talking about, so shut-up
by k.k. February 15, 2004
An impolite and unghetto way to tell someone to shut their yap or they'll be stole in the jaw. Typically effective, yet more so when a 't' is added to the end. (Shut Up T)
Alex: Yo, that girl is fly, I'ma gonna go get me some of that.

Adelyn: Shut-up, no girl wants your ugly ass self, your lucky you got me.
by og loc February 20, 2005
Another way of saying "BE QUIET!"
Used in disbelief.
Justin: Thats the girl who causes me probolems.
Kristen: Shut up!

Marryanne: Your a queen.
Rebecca: Shut up!
by SAKURASAKU October 20, 2006
to tell someone to stop talking. meaning "be quiet" and "stop talking", usually considered to be rude.
dan: that's not what you said.
greg: "shut up dan!"
teacher: we don't use shut up in my classroom.
dan: somebody just did
by themostawesomest November 09, 2008

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