Someone who is retarded and/or does something really stupid alot.
Look at (insert name here), they're such a shrine!!!
by RheaLhasa December 13, 2004
Top Definition
1. The tomb of a venerated person, such as a saint.
2. A place at which devotion is paid to a venerated person.
I would go party, but I'm busy building a shrine to Ronald Reagan in my backyard.
by Scott June 01, 2004
A female's groin, as well as the imediate area surrounding it, more notably after having endured some kind of physical trauma.
Jane: What's the matter with you?

Joan: I opened the cash register and it hit me right in the shrine... >.<
by jkar64 April 07, 2009
Straight + Fine = Shrine.

It is a replacement word for straight. :)
Mom: How was your day today ?
Boy: It was shrine.

Straight fine
by Canesboyy2 May 27, 2010
to immortalize a beer can in an appropriate place after it has been used in the hour of power
After minute number thirty two, we shrined our 8th beer
by strubinator April 19, 2004
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