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a shrav is a moment in which something totally normal has been made extremely perverted. Often followed by a moment of akward silence and then loud laughter.
me: "so i didnt get home til late last night cus i had to go shopping with my mum "
shrav: "you went to a strip club with your mum???"
#shrav #strip #club #mum #akward
by agentfritz February 22, 2008
A moment that leaves a person very embarassed but laughing
someone: Shrav watch out for the pole.
Shrav: what pole(keeps on walking fordward)
someone: that pole
Shrav: walks right into the pole

someone: Shrav dont trip down the stairs
(4 steps later)
Shrav: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!--->falls down stairs
#shrav #stairs #fall #pole #walk
by chipmunkface May 27, 2008
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