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Brilliant music.
Life changing.
Butter (slightly salted)
Spreadable. Agressive.
Fuck Showaddy Waddy let's just sell butter.
'.....Showaddy Waddy!!'
by Tom Waddy February 28, 2009

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80s hugh dennis jimmy saville mock the week
a cheesy 80s band brought back to common knowledge by Hugh Dennis on Mock The Week.
Hugh Dennis on Mock the Week doing a Jimmy Saville impression.
Questions ommitted from the British Citizenship Test?
'Do you like the music of Showaddywaddy.'
by mab7689 February 09, 2009
Arguably the best rock band of all time.
The Beatles were alright, but couldn't hold a candle to Showaddywaddy.
by Laughing Bob Monkhouse July 22, 2004