When a male of the human species spontaneously defecates during orgasm. A supposedly real medical condition that will in most cases have the dubious honor of immediate ejection from the bedroom or life of a sex partner.
He was boning Janice when he dropped a "show stopper" then she kicked him out.
by erickonphoenix January 22, 2009
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A person who walks into a room and it goes quiet; not because they are beautiful, but because they ruin everybody else's good time.
She is such a show stopper - everytime she is present all she does is talk about herself and ruin everyones good time.
by Chi-Chi Train November 14, 2006
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when a femal gives oral sex to a male while the male is watching tv, and after the femal is done delivoring oral sex the male bashes her head into the tv repeatedly.
Dang i need a new tv.

me and my girlfriend did a show stopper.
by baba white sheep June 15, 2009
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