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A disparaging term describing Twinsburg High School's award-winning show choir, usually voiced by a student who complains about everything and yet does absolutely nothing: in other words, a typical Twinsburg student.

The Great Expectations show choir is critically acclaimed and directed by Nancy Slife.
sarcastically Oh look, it's the show queers. They were on the news again. Aren't they so wonderful?
by Malcolm X May 30, 2008
1. somebody who is a member of a show choir, since show choir is really gay.
2. A guy in show choir who is obviously gay because he likes to parade around flamboyantly in front of many people, usually smiling like a bitch, and sometimes even wearing makeup. Also usually in the closet.
3. Another word for showchoir
1. Hey look at those showqueer's, their curly hair looks really queer-like.
2. Oh jesus, he's singing with make up on and...oh god he's smiling like a bitch...SHOWQUEER.
3. So how was showqueer this weekend faggot?
by saveferris199 January 24, 2009
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