1.Elite pilot from Stellar Conflicts (gecko-games.com)

2. 3rd commander of Darkops (#1 squad on SC)

3. Future mod xD (hopefully)
When i was fighting Shotgun, I lost pitifully when he activated his turret and obliterated me.
by Andy-Shotgun October 12, 2004
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The downing of a drink as quickly as possible. The ultimate shotgun requires a bottle of (preferably non-fizzy) alcoholic beverage and two straws.
1. attach the straws together end to end and ensure no side-leaks to air.
2. insert straw into bottle ensuring tip is as near to the bottom as possible.
3. form a food seal around the mout of the bottle and the straw with your lips.
4. tip the bottle up so that it lies vertically (that's straight up and down for all the Americans out there).
5. At the same time open your gullet and have someone else blow on the other end of the straw as hard as they can.
The contents of the bottle should disappear in under a second - good shit.
6. To ensure it has gone down and stays down you must now shout "BOOOOOM!" at the top of your voice. If you spew you have to forfeit.
man that guy's good - he shotgunned the whole thing in under a second!
by Gezza T April 20, 2003
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The word you yell when you are about to let loose a serious case of projectile diarrhea. Usually into the toilet or into the back of the toilet bowl (sometimes on the seat or completely out of the toilet as a whole).

Sometimes said like this: SHOT!... Guun!!!
(a quick "SHOT!" followed by a 1.5 second pause, then "Guun!!!")
Two Guys in a public restroom:

Pooper1: Good afternoon.

Pooper2: SHOTGUN!!! (In Tandem with projectile Diarrhea.)

Pooper1: The fuck? LOL!
by Maj. Malfunction November 21, 2011
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A sexual act, when a male with a penial piercing is having his dick sucked by a female (no fag shit), and before he ejaculates, he grabs his dick and knocks his penial piercing against her teeth twice to make a "click, click" noise, which imitates cocking a pump shotgun, and then ejaculates in her mouth or on her face.
Dude, i totally pulled the shotgun on that nasty bitch last night!
by BigSip2003 August 15, 2011
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to call 'dibs' on something you want someone to share with you or give to you.
more commonly associated with the sharing of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
'shotgun twos on that cigerette'
by Nate-JG July 19, 2008
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In golf.. a tournament in which players start simultaneously on different holes, starting at the sound of the "shotgun" siren.
We're playing in an 8:30 shotgun tomorrow.
by jerkass July 25, 2005
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The act of stretching ones foreskin over the head of the dick and proceeding to piss inside the foreskin,blowing your dick up like a balloon,then in one fluid motion squeezing ones dick and releasing the foreskin shooting the piss out in a pattern that resembles that of a buck shot,thus giving the name shotgun.
ex. 1 "Bob you Jewish fuck I finally beat you at something,you circumcised prick"

ex.2 Tom:"Tyler,what happened to your bathroom" Tyler: "Oh I just shotgunned"
by komodoassassin2 July 30, 2010
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