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To call the rights to anything in any given situation. Anyone disobeying the shotgun rules swiftly becomes the recipient of a punch in the face.
1. Shotgun the last slice of bread.
2. Shotgun biggest slag in the club 2nite. Not 'biggest'!!
3. Shotgun Liz.
4. Shotgun being first to rape quickie.
by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx December 17, 2006
A particular breed of really grizzled, old, butch lesbian.
Comes from the name of a model in the popular "by dykes, for dykes" lesbian porn magazine On Our Backs.
"I understand if you're transsexual and you need a male name, but some of these names are crazy. I mean, Bear?! Shotgun?!?!"
by Greta December 31, 2005
When one guys fingers two girls in the Pleaser position side by side. The guys hands resemble two guns.
Man 1: Dude, I just shotguned.
Man 2: Who were the two girls?
by Bipolar=] November 27, 2009
when you cum and it goes in multiple directions, thus looking like a shotgun shot.
I totally shotgun Sally all the time.
by Dakota W. July 11, 2008
someone who is really indecisive and somehow got into a good college. They tend to agree with everything you say and have no clue as to what you're talking about. They're simply there for the "moment". A crowd pleaser if you will.
"sounds just like an osterrich!!"
"Hey guys sit under here with the needlers and crouch... it's really a good idea."
"Yeaaaaa!!!!" questioned as to what he is agreeing with and responds, "I don't know".
by Joe Mendoza April 25, 2006
1) An extremely versatile weapon, preferred by red-necks because of its wide range of inexpensive ammunition (bird shot, deer shot, deer slug, incendiary tasers ect... ) among other things.

2) The front right seat of a car, popular because its in the front of the car generaly a bucket seat with a window.
1) jon shot the dragon fly with a shot gun.

2) bob called shot gun
by jib dab June 12, 2011
When you shit during diarrhea and the inside of the toilet seat is covered in shit like after a bomb, you just did a SHOTGUN! Very annoying and infernal feeling is left in your asshole, and cleaning of toilet seat is not possible. Shotgun is very common if you have spend a week in Hungary drinking booze 24/7.
-Is John coming?
-I quess not, because his asshole just blew up during a shotgun.
by NZArt October 22, 2006