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A vase from the famous pop's or ed's cafes next to the sellery dorms in madison. Stolen by many dorming students and measured out to be 5.5 shots, the shot of doom is a feat that only people with a nutsack can achieve. A shot of doom is only valid if done with 70 proof liquor or higher. Siberian ice or viatka is a key choice of alcohol in taking the shot of doom. Taking the shot of doom will result in immediate buzz or drunkeness which is also key in madtown.
student 1: yea i'm pregaming tonite before we go out at 10.
student 2: u doin the shot of doom?
Student 1: yea of course
student 2: what time are u attempting it at?
student 1: well probly around 9:55
by deef remington October 21, 2007